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Our Projects

The Sewickley Creek Watershed Association maintains several passive wetland treatment systems. These treatment systems have greatly improved water quality throughout the watershed. Due to the improved water quality, the Watershed Association has expanded their focus beyond mine drainage treatment and has begun creating recreational opportunities along the Sewickley Creek. The Watershed Association partners with the West Newton Sportsman's Association to stock the Sewickley Creek with trout. The Watershed Association also builds and maintains canoe and kayak launches along the Sewickley Creek. 

looking downstream (2).JPG
Lowber Abandoned Mine Water Treatment Site 

Originally the site of the Marchand Mine, Lowber now hosts a passive treatment system. In 2001, the Sewickley Creek Watershed Association received DEP Growing Greener funds to study, design, and construct a passive remediation project. Today, the site is home to the Lewis Stout Memorial Trail and hosts the annual Family Field Day. Click here to learn more about the Lowber AMD site and all it has to offer.

Brinkerton flow restored .JPG
Brinkerton AMD Site and Coke Oven Restoration​

The abandoned Brinkerton Mine and Hecla #1 mine produce the hallmark discharges of the Sewickley Creek Watershed. The Sewickley Creek Watershed Association has purchased 52 acres in this area, including a 25-year lease on wetlands, designed a treatment system, procured funding, delineated the site, and began building a system. This site was home to the Hester Coke Works, and today the Watershed Association maintains the remaining Coke Ovens in order to preserve the industrial heritage of this area. Click here to learn more and see pictures of the site.

Wilson Run AMD Site​

The Sewickley Creek tributary of Wilson Run parallels the Pennsylvania turnpike in the middle watershed area, in Mt. Pleasant Township along route 819. Discharge from the abandoned Stewart mine entering Wilson Run contributes over 1,500 gpm. A design project was undertaken with Hedin Environmental and Iron Oxide Recovery, Inc. in order to help with main drainage remediation. Click here to learn more.

hydroseeding Andrews.JPG
Andrews Run AMD Site

The Andrews Run site is a reclaimed surface mine that was mined by Bulldog Excavating. After cessation of mining, polluted discharges developed from the toe of spoil that polluted an unnamed tributary to Andrews Run, a tributary to Sewickley Creek in Westmoreland County. Click here to learn more.

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